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About The World Wide Sportsman

Welcome to The World Wide Sportsman.com,  A collection of Stories, Tips, Photos, and Films from my adventures.

     I have been hunting and fishing since I was in diapers. I grew especially fond of bow hunting at an early age thanks to my dad, and Jimmy Ryan, fellow Pro Team member and Super Slammer. I took my first buck at the age of 7 and was hooked. I spend lots of time in the woods every fall; hunting, fishing, photographing, and learning as much as possible about nature, it's wildlife, and their habits. I Have been lucky enough to hunt around the world and always enjoy and new experience.

     Recently, in an effort to reach back to the time of the greats, such as Howard Hill and Fred Bear, I have begun shooting a recurve. It has rekindled a love for archery and being in the woods with it's simplicity and ease. I get better every day that I shoot it and learn new ways to control the flight of the arrow every week. I have been successful in taking an Elk, Mountain Lion, Bearded Hen, a Missouri 8 Point, and a few does with it so far in just 9 months of shooting traditional equipment.

You can see me periodically on the Outdoor Channel, Versus, and ESPN on the shows: 100% Real Hunting, The Next Generation, King of Bucks, Realtree Monster Bucks, and RMEF's Elk Chronicles.

I am a member of the RedHead Pro Hunting Team and do seminars annually at Bass Pro Shop's Fall Hunting Classics around the country.

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